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European Greenbelt

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» Nature Conservation Information System (NCIS) » History


The late 20th century brought about significant changes in information technology. These considerably affect the work processes in administration as well, mostly by providing a means to increase efficiency. However, if used un-coordinated, unplanned the technology and data sources may lead to fragmentation redundancy and in the end less efficient operations.

Within the Ministry of Environment and Water, especially in the branches actively participating in conservation activities there has been a growing need for a comprehensive information system able to support work processes. The continually growing amount of research results and the state managed conservation areas with all their related functions (asset management, cultivation, conservation management planning and strategies) all lead to the necessity of a modern database driven information system.

The Nature Conservation Information System (NCIS) is a professional information system serving the needs of administrative conservation institutions, built on complex GIS basic databases and functionality. It contains, manages and maintains the databases (geology, hydrology, zoology, botany, landscape, cultural heritage, ecotourism, etc.) of central and regional branches of the state conservation organisation system, provides a common, EU-compatible platform for data collection, processing, storage and analysis) is a uniform GIS based architecture.


Institutional background of nature conservation in Hungary

Conservation activites in Hungary are planned and regulated at national level. Law LIII. of 1996 about the protection of nature, biological diversity is one of the most forward set of regulations in the European Union. Currently nine national park directorates perform the conservation related activities in a coordinated and efficient manner. Established in 2005 the "green" authorities called National Inspectorates for Environment, Nature and Water performing authoritative tasks. From the same date the national park directorates evolved into more holistic organisations, becoming responsible for nature conservation management, monitoring and demonstration as well as the operation of the Conservation Ranger Service.

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